20 examples of umbrella branding

Umbrella branding, also known as family branding or corporate branding, involves the use of a single brand name to cover multiple related products or services under one marketing strategy. This approach helps create a strong brand image and recognition, making it easier for consumers to associate various products or services with the overarching brand.

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Examples of umbrella branding

Here are 20 examples of umbrella branding:

  1. Procter & Gamble (P&G) – A Diverse Range of Household Products
  2. Unilever – From Personal Care to Food and Beverages
  3. General Electric (GE) – Innovations Across Industries
  4. Samsung – Electronics and Beyond
  5. Nestlé РEnhancing Lives with Nutrition and Wellness
  6. Sony – Entertainment, Technology, and Beyond
  7. Virgin Group – A Wide Range of Ventures by Richard Branson
  8. The Walt Disney Company – Magic and Entertainment for All Ages
  9. Johnson & Johnson – Caring for Health and Wellness
  10. L’Oreal – Beauty and Cosmetics for Every Need
  11. General Motors (GM) – Driving Innovation and Performance
  12. PepsiCo – Refreshing Beverages and Snacks Worldwide
  13. Coca-Cola Company – Open Happiness with Iconic Beverages
  14. Amazon – From E-Commerce to Cloud Computing
  15. Microsoft – Empowering People with Technology Solutions
  16. Google – Innovating Search and Digital Services
  17. Apple – Revolutionizing Technology and Design
  18. BMW – The Ultimate Driving Experience
  19. Nokia – Connecting People through Mobile Technology
  20. Nike – Inspiring Athletes and Sportswear Worldwide

Umbrella branding is a powerful strategy to create a unified identity and recognition for a variety of products or services under one brand name. These examples showcase how companies use umbrella branding to associate their diverse offerings with a single overarching brand message.

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