50 Examples of Applied Research

Applied research is the cornerstone of progress across a multitude of fields, driving innovation and practical solutions to real-world problems. In this article,I explained 50 examples of applied research, each contributing to the betterment of society. These examples showcase the diverse ways in which research is harnessed to create meaningful impact.

Definition of Applied Research

Applied research is the systematic study and exploration of existing knowledge to solve specific, practical problems. It goes beyond theoretical understanding, aiming to provide tangible solutions and improvements in various domains.

Importance of Applied Research

Applied research is instrumental in fostering innovation, improving efficiency, and addressing societal challenges. It bridges the gap between knowledge and application, transforming theories into practical solutions that benefit humanity.

The Scope of Applied Research

This article explores 50 diverse examples of applied research, categorized into various fields, highlighting their significance and impact.

Examples of Applied Research in Medicine

Examples of Applied Research in Medicine are given below:

Drug Development

Applied research in medicine has revolutionized drug development. Through meticulous studies and clinical trials, scientists have developed life-saving medications, from antibiotics to cutting-edge cancer treatments.

Medical Devices

Innovative medical devices, like MRI machines and pacemakers, are outcomes of applied research. Engineers and medical experts collaborate to improve patient care and outcomes through advanced technology.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a vital aspect of applied medical research. They validate the effectiveness and safety of medical interventions, ensuring that new treatments are safe and efficacious before they reach the market.

Examples of Applied Research in Technology

Examples of Applied Research in Technology are given below:

Renewable Energy

Applied research in renewable energy has led to significant breakthroughs in harnessing sustainable power sources. Solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal systems are now more efficient, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is transforming industries with applications in data analysis, automation, and machine learning. Research in AI drives innovation in areas such as autonomous vehicles, healthcare diagnostics, and personalized recommendations.


The field of cybersecurity relies on applied research to safeguard digital assets. Researchers continuously develop new encryption techniques, threat detection systems, and security protocols to protect against cyberattacks.

Examples of Applied Research in Environmental Science

Examples of Applied Research in Environmental Science are given below:

Climate Change Mitigation

Applied research addresses climate change through innovative solutions like carbon capture technology, sustainable energy sources, and strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Agriculture

Research in sustainable agriculture promotes eco-friendly farming practices, optimizing crop yields while minimizing environmental impact. Methods like precision agriculture and organic farming are outcomes of applied research.

Conservation Biology

Applied research in conservation biology aims to protect endangered species and ecosystems. This includes habitat restoration, captive breeding programs, and measures to combat poaching and deforestation.

Examples of Applied Research in Education

Examples of Applied Research in Education are given below:

Curriculum Development

Applied research in education focuses on improving curriculum design, and making learning more effective and engaging. Researchers evaluate teaching methods and materials to enhance student outcomes.

Learning Techniques

Applied research investigates innovative learning techniques and cognitive processes. Adaptive learning platforms and neuroeducation studies are enhancing educational effectiveness.

Educational Technology

EdTech research leads to the development of digital tools and resources, such as online learning platforms and interactive educational apps, which revolutionize how students access information and engage with educational content.

Examples of Applied Research in Business

Examples of Applied Research in Business are given below:

Market Research

Applied research in business informs marketing strategies, product development, and customer satisfaction. Consumer behavior studies and market trend analysis are crucial in decision-making processes.

Product Development

Businesses rely on applied research to create new products or improve existing ones. This may involve consumer feedback, quality assurance, and production efficiency enhancements.

Supply Chain Optimization

Research in supply chain management ensures efficient logistics, reducing costs and minimizing waste. Inventory management systems, route optimization, and demand forecasting are areas of applied research.

Examples of Applied Research in Social Sciences

Examples of Applied Research in Social Sciences are given below:

Public Policy Analysis

Applied research in the social sciences informs public policy decisions. Studies on socioeconomic trends, healthcare access, and education outcomes guide policymakers in creating effective solutions.


Research in criminology focuses on crime prevention and criminal behavior analysis. Applied research is critical in developing effective law enforcement strategies and criminal justice policies.

Psychology Interventions

Applied psychology research leads to interventions that improve mental health and well-being. Therapeutic approaches, behavioral therapy, and counseling techniques are outcomes of this research.

Examples of Applied Research in Engineering

Examples of Applied Research in Engineering are given below:

Infrastructure Development

Engineering research drives infrastructure development. Innovations in civil engineerings, such as bridge design, road construction, and urban planning, improve the quality of life for communities.

Materials Science

Materials science research results in the development of advanced materials for various applications. From aerospace materials to biomedical implants, applied research enhances the performance and durability of products.

Transportation Systems

Transportation research focuses on improving mobility and sustainability. Applied research in transportation engineering leads to innovations in public transit, traffic management, and vehicle design.

Examples of Applied Research in Agriculture

Examples of Applied Research in Agriculture are given below:

Crop Improvement

Applied research in agriculture is essential for developing crop varieties with higher yields, resistance to pests, and better adaptability to changing environmental conditions.

Pest Control

Research in pest control provides sustainable methods to protect crops and reduce the environmental impact of pesticides. Integrated pest management systems are a prime example of applied research.

Soil Science

Soil science research enhances soil health and fertility, critical for agricultural productivity. Applied research leads to soil management techniques that optimize crop growth and minimize soil degradation.

Examples of Applied Research in Space Exploration

Examples of Applied Research in Space Exploration are given below:

Rocket Propulsion

Applied research in space exploration drives rocket propulsion technology, enabling safer and more efficient space travel. Advances in propulsion systems are crucial for missions beyond Earth.

Astronomical Observations

Astronomical research leads to advanced observation techniques and technology. Telescopes, space probes, and data analysis methods help us unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.

Space Medicine

Applied research in space medicine addresses the unique challenges of human health in space. This includes studies on microgravity effects, life support systems, and healthcare protocols for astronauts.

Applied research permeates our lives, from healthcare and technology to the environment and education. The 50 examples presented here are just a glimpse of the remarkable contributions that applied research makes to society. As innovation continues to drive progress, we can anticipate ongoing advancements and a promising future for applied research in addressing the world’s most pressing challenges.

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