100 Examples of Adjectives

Adjectives are commonly used in writing and speech to add descriptive details to nouns, enhancing the clarity and richness of expression. They help paint a vivid picture of people, objects, and situations, making communication more engaging and impactful.

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Examples of Adjectives

Here are more than 100 examples of adjectives:

ColorsRed, Blue, Green, YellowSizesSmall, Big, Tiny, Large
ShapesRound, Square, Oval, TriangularTexturesSmooth, Rough, Soft, Hard
TastesSweet, Sour, Bitter, SpicyQualitiesGood, Bad, Excellent, Poor
FeelingsHappy, Sad, Angry, ExcitedPersonalitiesFriendly, Shy, Confident, Brave
EmotionsJoyful, Fearful, Content, SurprisedAgesYoung, Old, New, Ancient
TimeQuick, Slow, Fast, LateWeatherSunny, Rainy, Windy, Cloudy
TemperatureHot, Cold, Warm, FreezingNumbersOne, Three, Ten, Hundred
QuantitiesMany, Few, Several, NumerousDistancesNear, Far, Close, Distant
SoundsLoud, Soft, Noisy, QuietShapesCircular, Rectangular, Spherical
FlavorsSavory, Bland, Spicy, SweetTexturesSilky, Grainy, Velvety, Crispy
NationalitiesAmerican, French, JapaneseMaterialsWooden, Metal, Glass, Plastic
States of BeingHappy, Sad, Tired, HungryQualitiesSmart, Brave, Kind, Generous
AgesYoung, Old, Teenage, ElderlyFeelingsAnxious, Relaxed, Content, Annoyed
PersonalitiesShy, Outgoing, Introverted, ExtrovertedTimeAncient, Modern, Contemporary, Future
100 Examples of Adjectives

There are many more adjectives in the English language. Adjectives are essential for describing nouns and adding depth and detail to our language. They allow us to communicate a wide range of characteristics, qualities, and attributes in various contexts.

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